Do you know what my idea of Paradise is ?

A stunning white sandy beach with a crystal clear turquoise coloured sea, endless sunshine with blue skies and a herd of Spanish horses roaming free as if they were wild. I found this paradise place several years ago on a photographic assignment to Southern Spain where i was driving along the coastal roads of Andalucia.

Bolonia is a 20 minute drive west of Tarifa which has long been a kitesurfing mecca due to the constant prevailing winds. It is a gorgeous unspoilt beach hamlet which has escaped the 'developers' leaving it free from any fancy hotels or bars. It has an Ancient Roman Archealogical site aswell as the highest sand dune in Spain at 30 meters.

When i first arrived here i could not believe how picturesque it was ! I took a long walk along the sandy beach and could see in the distance a herd of horses playing around and chasing each other. I love horses and was overjoyed when i saw this group together on the beach. As i got closer to them they were not at all nervous and seemed to accept me. I stroked a few of them to make friends and then proceeded to take some photographs as they just chilled out and did their thing soaking up the warm sunshine. After around 30 minutes the leader of the herd who was a beautiful white stallion gestured to the others and then they slowly made their way to the other end of the beach. I was very grateful to the herd for allowing me to spend time with them taking their picture.  On this particular day i was the only one on the beach which made the whole experience even more special. Just me, my camera and these magnificant Andalucian horses together in a wonderful paradise setting !  A photographer really could not want for any more !

I now visit this area every year to soak up it's natural beauty. I always feel rejuvinated spiritually and physically by being there and manage to capture some fantastic pictures of this special place in the Costa De La Luz, Spain. The best time to visit here is in the Spring or the Autumn when it is quieter and cooler.

Some of my favourite photographs from the horses here are available as prints from my ' EQUINE ' Gallery.

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