When one is considering to buy a piece of art for their home there are a few options out there which are available to the buyer. 

OPEN EDITIONS - These are prints that have no limit to the amount that can be produced and sold. Generally the prices are cheaper than Limited Editions and are less valuable because potentially thousands could be produced.

LIMITED EDITIONS. - These prints are only made in a limited number. They are signed and numbered on the back by me and come in editions ranging from 10 to 50. Once the edition has sold out it cannot be reproduced and sold again. I keep and adhere to a stringent catalogue system which is updated each time a print has sold. I also value my reputation in the art market place and take great pride in providing every customer with excellent service. When i receive an order i contact my printer in London and have them produce a perfect print which is then sent to me where i personally check its quality and make sure there are no marks or creases anywhere on the artwork. It is fortunate that i am a perfectionist regarding my work which is great for the customer as they never get anything that would be sub standard. Only when i am happy with the print will i sign and number it on the back.

The advantages of buying Limited Edition Photographic Prints is that you will have something on your wall at home that only a handful of people in the world will  have and that alone can give you a feeling that you own something rare and special. Many people out there have prints in their home that they have bought cheaply from huge companies that produce art for the mass market...... The quality of these prints is questionable as they are usually on cheap papers. I have been to homes where i have seen the same image on the wall that i have seen at several different homes and it really does not inspire you when you see it.

I hope i have provided an insight to people that may be wanting to collect art themselves or buy a special picture for a loved one. It makes a great gift and if it is a Limited Edition print then you will gain maximum brownie points in the eyes of the person you give it to !.....

If you have any questions at all regarding my prints or even if you need a little help in finding something special then please do not hesitate to contact me at andy@andrewlever.com

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