This powerful black and white image has got to be one of my all time favourites. The picture shows a paratriathlete running along a road. The viewer can only see the feet and legs of the athlete but the message that it conveys is a powerful one !

I was in Auckland New Zealand 6 years ago and was delighted when i found out that the World Triathlon Championships was taking place. This included the World Parathriathlon Championships which took place on the same day. This event was for athletes that have some kind of disability. I do not like to use the term 'disability' as it become abundantly clear that these people were far from disabled !

After watching and enjoying the Triathlon event i was looking forward to seeing how the Paratriathletes compared. I was not disappointed as these incredible athletes showed a level of strength and stamina through adversity that i had never seen before ! All of the brave competitors swam, cycled and ran at such a high level that there was practically no difference to the previous triathlon race. These competitors have to be admired more though because of their various physical limitations. Running, swimming and cycling with only one limb must take many hours of training and perfecting a technique which has to be adapted to their own individual disability. I managed to take some fantastic images which today when i look at then still inspire me to never give up on anything. Whenever i need a motivational boost i always look at this picture and it inspires me immediatley.

I hope this photograph can show everybody out there that is going through a struggle that with courage and determination anything can be achieved.

This monchrome print is available to see and buy from my black and white photo gallery here.

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