A few years ago i found myself in Denmark over the Christmas holidays staying with an old friend of mine. He lives in a beautiful area with the beach in front of his home and the Klampenborg Forest behind it. You really could not ask for a more beautiful place to live !

On New Years day i decided to get out and about with my camera and explore Klampenborg  Forest which is not far from Copenhagen. My friend had told me that there were herds of deer there and quite a few very large stags that roam around as wild. I had never done much wildlife photography before and thought to myself that this might be a good opportunity to take some pictures and also enjoy the wonderful scenery in this large forest.

It seemed as if i had been walking around forever on the lookout for these stags which i was assured were definately here. I had taken some lovely photographs of trees and fields and even a large stately home but i had not come across any deer or stags. I was also starting to feel the cold and was seriously starting to think about heading back before it got too late. I also did not want to get lost in this large National Park which was all very new to me. Anyway, at that moment i decided to look behind me and was astonished to see this large and magnificant looking stag laying on the ground under a tree ! I could not believe my luck. He was staring right at me and looked quite relaxed as he did not see me as any threat. I took a few steps closer and then started to photograph this beautiful animal being careful not to startle him in any way. After i was satisfied that i had taken enough shots i slowly moved back and then proceeded to find my way out of the park feeling very happy with the pictures that i had taken.

These two particular images are the ones that i am most pleased with. I could not have wished for better images from that day walking in the forest. It also shows that a large portion of luck can play a huge part in success !  Both of these prints are for sale and can be seen in the ' TRAVEL ' gallery here. Several sizes are available.